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Only if my mum makes me salad...

[ cos i've been waiting all my life for someone just like you ]

sixteenth murder ;; chikichikiahh ♥
4 August 1991
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it's easy to get somebody confused.

Where to start, where to start? I'm a fifteen year old girl [Yes, I am indeed a girl! xD] residing at the bottom of the world [Closest country to Antartica with inhabitants other than penguins]. I go by the name Kelly, although some other nicknames seem to include Bakaaaa and possibly Kelz if you get lucky. I don't think I'm that scary, although some people like to believe otherwise. I went to Japan on the 24.09.2006 and had the best time of my life, so naturally now I'm a complete obsessor with Japan. My life consists of my computer, my friends, and making it impossible for my parents to create a functional relationship with me when talking about studying. Hopefully someday I'll be a journalist or have a job in media/advertising.

I would introduce myself in Japanese but I threw out my self-introduction that I wrote in Jap class. Gomen, you'll just have to hear me rant in English.

I like to talk a lot, especially when I'm hyper. When I'm hyper, I feel like I'm dreaming and I do the most stupid things. I tend to say everything I think aloud without thinking about it, and often when I say it I sound bitchy or really uncaring [Perfect example, just because I said 'Our English teacher is a gayhead,' doesn't mean that it was meant to be bitchy]. When I get serious or passionate about something, I don't shut up. So you're best to avoid me when I'm serious, PMSing, or passionate [About an issue, that is. Not about like. Not the passion you use the colour red to describe], and when I'm writing I'm not the best person to talk to either.

I've been writing poetry and song lyrics since I was twelve. I'd like to think that I have some form of talent, but that's left for the general public to decide. I did, however, try to write a short story the other day. Whether or not that worked, I don't know.

My mum made me salad. So I'm pretty happy atm. So happy, in fact, that you should hug me. Or at least visit my resources page. Kthx ♥